Connecting you with answers (and experts) on demand.

Pairbot for consumers was created to help you connect with a local expert on demand. These experts are our partners and they have a defined niche e.g. - first time home buyers, etc.. By collaborating with those who are specialists, Pairbot, and it's human counterparts, can provide answers that inspire confidence.

There is no app to download, no sign up required, and the service is 100% free. Get started now by using the form below or simply text your inquiry to (949) 438-2767.

Home service providers

  • “How much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?”
  • “I need a plumber.”
  • “I want to get an estimate on a new garage door.”

Real estate agents

  • “How much is my home worth?”
  • “Should I remodel my kitchen to get top dollar for my home?”
  • “I need a real estate agent in 92620.”
  • “Does agent John Doe have good reviews?”
  • “I want to make an offer on my neighbor’s home.”
  • “I want to schedule a home tour.”

Lenders or mortgage professionals

  • “Can I qualify for a mortgage?”
  • “I’d like to take equity out of my home.”
  • “What’s the best loan for me?”

Elementary educators (Orange County, CA)

  • “How do I enroll in X school?”
  • “What are the best schools in my neighborhood?”
  • “Does X school offer visual and performing arts?”

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